How to backup android phone to PC before rooting, to avoid the data loss issue you must learn how to backup the Android files to safe location from where you can easily retrieve it. Well while you root your Android device, you unlock almost all the function of the device. It’s like a jailbreak for Android device. All the Android device run on the Linux Kernel and middleware which is quite or every similar to the Linux system. While you Root your Android device you unlock the device to get complete access on everything. However before your do suck thing learn how to backup android phone to PC before rooting. Because once you start rooting the phone you may loss all your saved data and without having back-up it will be quit hard to recover it.

There is some option that will bring back all the deleted files to safe location, just by using Android Recovery Software. But the question is why to use recovery software when you can easily back-up all the files. So how to backup android phone to PC before rooting. There is few quick method which will help you to do back-up of all your files.

Using Back-up And Reset Option

To back-up Android data you must need to have a current Google Account. This will back-up contacts, phone settings and apps

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Backup and Reset
  • Touch to “Backup Account”
  • Sign-in to Google Account

Manual Backup Android Data

  • Connect the device to PC with USB cable
  • Open the Android icon
  • Copy All the folders and paste to the PC ( but remember don’t plug-out the cable while moving files)

Use Android Backup Software

This is one of the best option to backup android phone to PC before rooting. All the files including images and videos will be saved to secure location from where you can easily retrieve when needed. By the help of Android Backup Software you can backup all files before rooting your Android device.

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 In Case, if you have encountered data lose then make use of the very recommended tool:- 

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How To Backup Android Phone To PC Before Rooting

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