Hi friends i am stuck in a problem and need your help. I am using an iPhone 6 from last three months but two days before i have accidentally deleted some of its data. After that when i was try to connect it with iTunes to create backup of remaining files then it fails to connect with iTunes. So please suggest me what to do when Apple iPhone 6 not connecting with iTunes?

iPhone has launched several version but the iPhone 6 is the latest model which comes with many amazing and outstanding features. If you are using an iPhone whether it is iPhone 5 or 6 then you must have some important data stored on it. There is no doubt that iPhone 6 is one of the best product of apple but unfortunately it is also not free from data loss and yo can lose your data any time. As mentioned in the above scenario, user have already lost his data then he wants to create backup. The very known method of creating backup or syncing iPhone data is iTunes. But sometime it fails to connect with iPhone 6 and other model of iPhone. So if you are also worried about creating backup and Apple iPhone 6 not connecting with iTunes then don’t get worry. In such situation try to check out whether the iTunes which you are using to connect with your iPhone 6 supports your iPhone or not. Apart from that try to update your iTunes and after try to sync with it.

After updating the iTunes if still Apple iPhone 6 not connecting with iTunes then you have to think about some other option because there are some limitation also related with iTunes which make it unsafe to sync data. So in such situation you can use some third party software. iPhone backup software is the best solution to backup your iPhone data if it is not connecting with iTunes. With the help of this software you can easily backup any model of iPhone without any interruption.

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Apple iPhone 6 Not Connecting with iTunes

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