Hi friends, there is something wrong with my phone. The Android gallery not showing pictures. There were lots of important images saved in my phone gallery but all of a sudden I am unable to access my precious pictures. I am feeling very helpless now. Please suggest me a proper solution to restore my lost images.

Is your Android gallery not showing pictures? Well, gallery is the default folder for all Android OS based smart-phone where all pictures clicked from your phone is stored autocratically. Usually, gallery folder is created in the internal memory of your phone by default but users can move it to external memory cards as well. There are numerous reasons due which pictures can go missing from your Android gallery such as accidental deletion, incomplete file transferring, restoring phone on factory settings, improper handling of your device and many more. However, there is no need to worry about as even when Android gallery not showing pictures there is still chance to regain the access of all your lost images.

Well, in order to restore lost pictures on your Android phone you can take the help of a proper backup file if you have created earlier. Backup is surely the easiest way to overcome any critical data crisis scenario. However, unfortunately if there is no backup file available then in such circumstances you should opt for a reliable nd professional third party too. Well, using, Android Recovery Software would be the best solution for you to recover or restore any lost or corrupted file on your Android phone. It is a very quick, effective and easy to use tool that can easily restore all your files in just few easy steps. It comes with several effective features and carries the capability to rescue all kinds of data like contacts, images, videos, messages, music, recording etc. from your Android phone. Therefore, it is recommended to make use of Android Recovery Software in order to recover all lost images when Android gallery not showing pictures.

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Use Android Backup Software to Backup Android Phone Data

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Android Gallery Not Showing Pictures

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