The smartphone now works as a full fledged desktop PC as it provides all the functionality that you need like creating and editing documents, managing emails. You can also enjoy multimedia stuffs on it like audio, video and even plays games. The camera is the integral part of the smartphone that you can use to shoot photos and videos. All of these data is stored in the memory of the phone which can be internal or external memory card. You know how important this data is for you, so just imagine what will happen if you lose all this because of any deletion, corruption or error. It is better to prepare with an updated backup so that you can restore the files with ease. Here are few methods to backup your Android data.

Backup through Phone – First we will start with the inbuilt method which you can find in the settings menu. You can restore the preferred data items in the memory card that you have inserted. However if the memory card is formatted then the backup is also lost.

Creating Online Backup – You can also sync your phone’s data to the online Google drive. You need to log in your Google account and then you can upload your files. However it needs constant internet connection other wise the upload as well as the download can get failed.

Manual Backup – You can create backup by your own, you just need to copy your files and transfer it to computer’s drive. The process is hectic and time taking, there are also lot of chances of human error because of which the the files can even get corrupted.

Automatic backup – This is by far the best method to create backup and restore data from there. The Automatic backup tool will allow you to choose the data items you need and stored them at your preferred location. The backup files can also be encrypted for safety and it won’t be allowed to get deleted. The restoration can also be done easily, so download the software now and use it.

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For Android Data Recovery

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4 Easy Methods to Backup Your Android Phone

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